Sunday, March 2, 2008

i miss the city. i miss seeing amazing (and even terrible) shows. i'm more active here though. i work from 9-5 every day and almost always a couple more hours at night. choreographing and assistant directing is so much more stress that just being "in" a show. mostly because your name is attached. the community will like it no matter what we throw up on the stage, but i'd kinda like to enjoy it as well.

i need an agent. i'm afraid to ask some friends at telsey for help because it's incredibly awkward and i know they're always insanely busy, but a phone call wouldnt kill them. boo...i might email justin or craig and just be forward and honest. le sigh.

last night was fun. i went out with bethany and sarah to crapplebee's and had a terrible margarita but decent cheese sticks. then we went to a friend's house and played stupid drinking games like kings and flip cup. i drank like 4 beers and yet remained lucid. good to know my limits for cheep beer are high.

looks like a weekend in savannah is definitely in the cards for later in the month! i'm very excited to see people if only for a couple of days. makes life more interesting.

sheesh, i'm boring.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

so this week was useless. i didnt sleep at night, went on one useless audition, and wasted time. since i'm leaving sunday i've decided to see things i won't get to see ever again.

sunday in the park with george was amazing. incredibly done. amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing projections on the set. the entire thing had me crying. jenna russell and daniel evans deserve tony's.

last wednesday i entered the lotto for the young frankenstein lotto and for the first time in history (according to the guy) everyone won and there was an empty lotto seat. craziness. anyway, the show was a bit better this time. i mean the bad jokes were still bad, but the performances were better. roger bart needs to stop mugging and chewing the scenery though. it gets old in scene 2. sutton foster sounded incredible, megan nailed her songs and added a lot more physicality, and andrea and christopher again ARE the show. it was a matinee energy though, which i hate when that happens. was still a fun experience.

saturday i went to another matinee of august:osage county. still absolutely brilliant. still moving, still funny. i understood a lot of foreshadowing and themes this time around and loved it even more. i then attempted to see next to normal again but lost. this large group after me lost and got really pissy for no reason. i wanted to smack one of the guys, but instead laughed at him.

yesterday i movie hopped in union square. i saw no country for old men, atonement, there will be blood, and juno. all incredible and no point in raving about them. i will ask why jennifer garner isnt nominated for anything?? she's so amazing in juno.

tomorrow is lunch with lauren and matinee of next to normal! hooray.

Monday, January 28, 2008

the world is round. get over it.

this weekend i was spoiled. first the incredible 'next to normal' and then my mind was blown away by 'august: osage county.'
even though issues such as abandonment, incest, molestation, alocoholism, pill abuse, divorce, and political correctness it never gets too heavy. just as much natural and honest humor is injected into the mix to keep the three hour play from ever making you regret your decision to live.

by far it is the best play i have ever seen and some of if not the best ensemble acting (it IS a steppenwolf production after all) i've ever witnessed. I plan on seeing it one more time in the next two weeks to fully delve into the symbols of younger women, past/present/future, power, etc.

sunday i woke up and ran to the little mermaid again. the show had not sold out yet, but this time i decided to wait. i met some people who were also waiting for standing room and we ended up spending the three hours waiting together and generally having a good time. the suck doesnt even begin to describe this oddly overly directed mess. there were a couple of nice qualities, but over all i wanted to shake the director screaming "what were you thinking??" i guess all the brilliant theatre i saw had my bar set unusually high.

tomorrow meg and i are seeing the roundabout's revival of 'sunday in the park with george' and i couldnt be more excited.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"let there be light"

next to normal. off broadway. musical. i helped cast. sorta.

i saw it tonight, an amaaaaaazing $15 rush seat--second row center, natch! incredible show. i have no doubt that it will soon make the transfer and be the next big, amazing, hyped, ravely reviewed musical that will close because tourists do not want substance (*tips hat to grey gardens*). i can't wait to sit back and say "oh...i saw that off broadway" when people discover it.

i've always had a thing for alice ripley's voice (side show, the dead, rocky horror, etc) and it was a pleasure to see her perform beautiful and powerful songs by tom kitt. the show is interesting in it's portrayal of electricro conversion therapy (shock treatment) and the tragedy of dealing with the ghost of a dead child. brian d'arcy james is so heartbreaking in the latter half of act two and i always forget what a talent he is. truely an amazing show and it's great to finally get a fully realized version of it on a stage. (note: they show's been under development since 2002 under the title 'feeling electric' and has gone through many revisions, castings, and workshops).

after the show i saw gideon glick (formerly of 'spring awakening,' currently in 'speech and debate') waiting in the lobby. i assume he's dating one of the guys in the cast. or he's really good friends with the girl. she used to be in 'spring awakening' with him so that solution makes more sense. i wanted to say hi to him, but i really wouldnt have much to say other than "we said three words to each other one day at telsey. you were auditioning for 'godspell,' i think?" and then walking into the subway i saw christopher seiber of 'spamalot' fame. i wanted to tell him he was great in 'pushing daisies,' but i chickened out. i guess i'm good at letting people live and get on their 2 train. *shrugs*

i'm still mad at all lunt fontaine box office workers. still trying to steal that freakin' mermaid. not going well. the one time they were sold out i arrived about ten minutes too late. thanks, alanis.

my to do list this week was a wash:

drop off laundry
waste time and watch 3 seasons of gilmore girls
pick up headshot cd from vicky
get headshots printed
call parents and keep them posted on life
adjust insane student load repayment schedule
make $60,000
see 'mermaid'
make out with someone
actually go out
attempt to see an oscar nominated movie (i've seen NONE except for sweeney todd)
cook tacos
go to sleep before 5:00 am

such is life. blah. let there be light.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

nobody dared to go.

i hate the box office workers at the lunt-fontaine theatre. they've really done nothing to me per say, but still. i've tried around 6 times to get standing room tickets for little mermaid and been told the show wasnt sold out and to get standing room it has to be SOLD OUT. Then today, i get to the box office around 12:30 (half an hour after they open) and discovered they were sold out AND sold out of standing room. so essentially i'm bitter i can't see a crappy show. such is my life.

i still need to get my license updated, mail ariel her gift, get a freaking email to send to a temp agency, print headshots, see august: osage county, and a million little things. boo. since nothing is open tomorrow i'm going to movie hop all day and see things i need to have seen, aka everything.

it's cold. this needs to change.

i miss my job too. they need to call me, actually. boo.

Monday, October 15, 2007


the wedding of kate and michael was gorgeous. everything was perfection and amazing and i both cried buckets as well as having one of the most amazing weekends of my life.

i went to the airport on thursday around 1 and proceeded to wait for around 4 hours due to weather and air traffic conditions. i shouldn't complain because almost every other flight leaving laguardia was being canceled and i at least got out. i was picked up by kate, meg, and megan at the airport in greensboro and since we were all tired we went straight to kate's house and all had a glass of wine before bed while catching up.

we woke up friday and went to the bridesmaid's luncheon at the elkin winery. it was a small, low key affair but still very lovely. i had rizzotto and salmon and a lemon tarte. i was very delicious and great to see emily and brooksie again. we ran back to kate's house, filled up the cars and made our way to the graylon estate in winston salem where the wedding was being held. we checked in to our gorgeous room and rehearsed the whole affair. it's hilarious to me how much drama can happen from teaching people to walk in a straight line. oh well...we changed into our fancy duds and made our way to the rehearsal dinner. it. was. amazing. great great great food, wine, and fun. i claimed i would be bored by the slide show and toasts, but i of course cried and cried and cried. i will dream of that food for weeks while i eat ramen in new york. we then went back to the bridesmaid suite and drank some more champagne and had some more general fun/catching up with people.

i woke up saturday and went across the grounds of the estate to the wedding day carolina bbq lunch. much work was done to keep kate and michael from being there at the same time, but it went off without a hitch. the food and mimosas were great and it was amazing to see people from savannah again, if only for the brief time. the rest of the afternoon was spent getting ready and watching legally blonde. we relaxed, got pretty, and had a lot of fun. kate looked amazing. her hair was perfect and her dress was stunning. i went outside to help seat guests/pass out programs and everything was perfect. the flowers were amber-level perfection. i teared up, wept a little, and laughed too. it was short and sweet, but lovely.

the reception was mad crazy fun despite being called away to take pictures every 20 min or so. it was amazing to see and dance and drink with people i havent seen in months and months. i look forward to seeing them again in a couple of week. the recpetion was very fun with kareoke and lots of food and open bar-age.

i already miss the weekend.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

"if you wanna make the team, the fake some self-esteem"

my job is amazing. i love it so much and the entire office is hilarious/nice/great/open. i really can't talk about much because i'm not sure what i'm allowed to talk about or not talk about. for example, it's finally announced that jennifer hudson is going to be louise (carrie's assistant) in the sex and the city movie. I've known about her (and other parts) for the past two weeks, but wasn't allowed to say anything. i can say i've helped on broadway shows, commercials, and movies so far. so exciting.

also, snaps to amber for finding an apartment!! *snaps*